Sunday, December 8, 2013

2013 Autumn Post Card Swap - sent

 These are the cards that I sent out in the latest swap by iHanna. You can sign up for her newsletter if you'd like to be notified of the next post card swap: Hanna's newsletter
I was experimenting with a lot of looks this time: Using acrylic inks, eye dropper drawings, collage, stamps and stencils.
Some worked better than others.  But in my opinion the post card swap should promote this idea of experimentation, especially since we are exchanging with others with open minds about art!
Acrylic paint instead of my usual water color.

Liquid Acrylic Eye dropper drawings with stenciled dots.

2013 Autumn Post Card Swap - received

iHanna organized another post card swap for the fall this year.  Here are the ones I received:
I received cards from Sweden, Canada and the US.  A couple came from Texas - you can guess at least one!  Stitching and collage and drawing - so much fun!

Check out the retro stamps!

A great example of unified theme, value and color.

A subtle glitter edging - only visible when turned a certain way.


Saturday, November 9, 2013

Influences (for discussion)

Royal Nebeker

Rick Bartow

Robert Schlegel

Robert Schlegel
Tony Scherman

Ann Munson

Sheary Suitor (Encaustic)

Susan Abbott


Jonelle Johnson

Edward B. Gordon

Painting at my Physical Therapist office.  I love it and the way the paper floats in the frame.

Stanislaw Witkiewicz "Bunia" Zofia Romer

I painted a bunch of this (for class in a "paint as fast as you can" exercise):

Based on this (not this exact painting but thinking of paintings of his that I saw in a Portland Gallery):
Jim Dine Heart

Then I found this (not the exact one but similar):

Mine (for discussion)

Various pieces of mine - click to enlarge:

An attempt to marry the drawing, chocolate wrapper collage idea - this was a card.  Not there yet.
Encaustic Cabbage

Mixed encaustic - an honorary ribbon at the Lake Oswego art show and a sale

A la prima watercolor of my cat one time I was in the zone.

Watercolor encaustic based on Mail art

Another encaustic and watercolor piece sold at Lake Oswego
The Rogue River at Agness
Honey the dog on book page

Quick watercolor with white pen


Saturday, October 5, 2013

The Creative Conversation: Finding Your Voice

I signed up for Bridget Benton's on-line class: The Creative Conversation: Finding Your Voice.  She wrote a book titled The Creative Conversation and we'll work through some of the exercises in the book as well as other projects.

Here are a couple of collages. The first was created using images that appealed to me, the second was created using images that I didn't like as much.

Notice that I chose the brighter colors, some contrasting colors and natural or soothing subject matter.

The images I wasn't fond of were more muted, more orange-y brown and had bizarre subject matter: a tattooed dog, eyeless samurai creatures, skeletons, insects.  However, I can't help but notice that this collage is pretty interesting.  There's a lot going on here.

I've never been crazy about magazine collage because it reminds me of kid stuff and it would be hard to create "fine" art from the materials.  However, I can see that it would be helpful in designing a piece and it is also easy, fun and cheap!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Post cards that I sent

Here are a few of the cards I sent:

Drawing of Chocolate Cosmos with liquid water color and Peerless Transparent Metallic water colors.

Trying various pens and designs.
It's fun to experiment - there are always some I like better.  How many layers to make? How much is too much? When to stop?  It sure is fun to play with the paints.

Monday, May 6, 2013

2013 Postcard Swap

Aw - look at all of the pretty cards I received this year!
Lots of cool techniques. The top one above has embossing powder, the middle one is made from a computer punch card.

Stamping, collage, fabric

Stitching.  There is clear texture on the blue card.

Beautiful collage.

Hand drawn scene. Actual embossing.

A real feather survived the mail.
All so very awesome.  What a joy it is to go to the mailbox during a Post Card swap!
Click here for some background on the post card swap by Hanna  It looks like she may organize another one in Fall 2013.