Friday, July 28, 2017

Summer acrylic work

I've had a chance to take a couple of classes this summer.  The first is an on-line class entitled "Wild Wonder" Here's the link:  Another round will start in October.  Annamieka teaches a collage and acrylic technique along with a bit of botany.  She uses the Ruzuku site to show videos, as well as a private Facebook group.  Here's my piece:

Flowering Pomegranate

I'm taking the summer session of Intermediate painting at the Drawing Studio on Division Street in Portland, Oregon. Drawing Studio The instructor is always trying to get us to stretch.  His philosophy is that it is better to go beyond your comfort zone, than always stopping at 75%.

Last night we had a live model. Here is one stage:
Stage 1

Stage 2
I think I prefer Stage 1, but pushing helped me see what can happen after working it.  I'm used to watercolor where you try to get it without overworking it.  Apparently, practicing in this way can help with whichever media you choose. It's nice to have some of the white paper showing. Our goal was not to make a pretty painting, but to see what the paint can do. You can tell I'm not great with hands. I'm so impatient.

The third class is another on-line class, the 21 Secrets from a while ago called "Color, color, color!" at Dirtyfootprints Studio. Looking forward to trying out some of the techniques. The summer heat is making the garage less than comfortable.  It should break soon.