Saturday, April 25, 2015

Setting up my space(s)

Well, in June 2014 we moved, We sold our house, rid ourselves of a lot of random things and found a nice rental. For various reasons, I still haven't set up my art work space.

One of the reasons, I'm embarrassed to admit, is because there is too much space!

Where do I work?

For encaustic painting, the garage is the best choice for ventilation and for being messy.  However, it's chilly there in the winter!  I'm waiting for my husband to assist by putting up shelves to hold my many supplies.

The den has space for an easel for acrylics and charcoal drawing. It has shiny wood floors, and is near the utility sink, so I think if I put down a tarp, I can keep from tracking paint around.  Maybe.

I have a table in my home office - I can swivel in my chair to work on a watercolor painting and then back to the computer.  However, the room is carpeted and I worry, of course, about the messiness of dripped paint. I've put down some area rugs on top of the carpeting, but they keep getting bunched up.

There is a view from office and den. The garage is closed in. And to top it all off, my husband and dog hang out in the living room, so I miss them if I'm working.

I do have a desk in the living room.  That's where I've been doing most of my painting - with a travel palette in sketchbooks.

My life has always had the theme of too much/not enough. Too much food, too many things, but worried about lack.

Well, I've got eight boxes to unpack downstairs, more in the garage.  I'll let you know how it ends up.  Because if I don't get my act together and find someplace to work, I'm never going to get anywhere!