Monday, April 16, 2012

Post Card Swap Part 3

Love this - and it came in a cool stitched envelope.

This one is a sketch book! How awesome is that? It arrived today on my birthday. I love it - so happy for the sweet gift.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

PostCard Swap 2012 Part 2

The first one came in clear plastic and has stamps from Denmark, France and Cambodia on the front. It was sent from Maryland and the US stamp has a black marker through it as cancellation. (Cool for postal geeks).

I love the fish stamps and sense of depth.

Then we have minimalist art in blue - really lovely and intense color from Seattle.

Finally, a card that came sewn up in book pages from England! I love the heart with the writing through it - I want to steal that idea.

Fortunately, this batch seems to have been created using acrylic paint or other waterproof ink. I was munching on a scone and looked over to see Honey the dog drooling all over the pile of cards! I wiped them off and they look fine.

There are still a few more to show. I, ahem, need to get a little more organized first.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Post Card Swap 2012

These are a couple of the postcards I made for iHanna's PostCard swap. The weather didn't cooporate for the inkodye or cyanotypes I wanted to do, so I printed negatives of my dog Honey with the inkjet printer on watercolor paper. Brushed over the top was a combination of reflective and duochrome paints from Daniel Smith. They caused the inkjet ink to run a bit. I added washi tape, and hearts cut from a quotations book, also painted. On the back, more washi tape and a punched stamp with my doggie on it. They were sent out in envelopes since they wouldn't make it through the mail on their own. I sent them to people in the USA, Sweden, Italy and Australia.

Here are a couple that I received.
A beautiful sewn fabric card, a gorgeous little hand painted birdie on a metallic background, and a very involved stamped and painted card. Love them all!

More photos tomorrow.