Sunday, June 13, 2010

Finally, the stars align...

I managed to clean up my basement studio space enough to actually start working on some projects, I'm caught up with work enough (sorta) to take a weekend off, it's beautiful out and the show deadline is next Sunday. In addition to planting flowers and visiting the Farmer's Market, I worked on some encaustic panels.

Here's a panel that has been painted on the sides and taped. Then I fuse a couple layers of encaustic layers to the surface.

I added alizarin red, titanium white and dots in R&F Cadmium Green Light, R&F Bronze, red.

To the red, I added a layer of bronze, then a layer of R&F King's Blue encaustic paint. I plan on scraping back the blue. In the center stripe, I used a paper towel to dab on shellac and 3 colors of Jacquard's Pearl-Ex powdered pigment, then lit it on fire. (Fire, fire, fire! - Too much fun.) Actually, I didn't put enough shellac on at first - it seemed to need a layer instead of drops.

This is the begnning of a big cabbage. I really love the look of a nice cabbage.

Hmm - what will these turn out to be? Bob promised to put them together for me. More later!

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