Monday, February 21, 2011

Fun with hanks of yarn

I'm still playing with yarn while waiting for the weather to warm up so that I can work in the basement. When I started, I thought I could buy a hank of yarn (a big circle of yarn folded in on itself) and it would be easy to wind into a ball.

Not so! It is much more likely that I'll end up with a big tangled mess. So, I've learned to ask to have it wound when I buy it at the yarn store. But what to do with the hanks I have that came in the mail? Well, one part of the answer is a swift.

A swift holds the yarn in a circle. There are accordion-style swifts and peg swifts. I found a nice folding peg swift for a very reasonable price from a maker on eBay.

So you put the hank on the swift and then you can wind the yarn into a ball. But it takes so long! So then you can buy a yarn winder. But they're expensive uni-taskers and I'm tired of buying stuff. Well, thanks to my sweet husband, I don't have to. He brought up his cordless drill. Ta da! I just slid a paper towel core on the drill, wound the tail of yarn around and turned on the drill. Instant wound yarn! For the blue yarn, I used a cone from Yarnia that slid over the saw bit.

OK - it looks kind of funny but now I can get to work!


  1. i just received your postcard! thank you so much. i am putting a pic of it on my blog today:

  2. Hi Adrianne, I got the postcard you created for me for iHanna's swap! Thank you so much for the watercolored and crocheteds pieces. I blogged about it today, so please check out the post: Take care! Andria