Friday, September 14, 2012

What a world

What a world.  These two items came in the mail today. The National Geographic says that 25,000 elephants were killed last year. The Knit Picks catalog has pretty photos of yarn and yarn colors.

I've been meaning to research the elephant situation. I guess Nat Geo has done it for me.  I can't even bear to take the wrapper off.  I'll read it during a short trip we're taking to the coast for our 15th wedding anniversary which is today!

It's so distressing. I want to just look at the yarn catalog and enjoy myself.  But the title of the Nat Geo cover is so shocking, I can't think of anything else.

What can we do? I live in the NW corner of the United States of America.  We don't allow ivory imports. The Oregon Zoo has had a breeding program for 50 years. Packy, the patriarch, was born in April 1962, a couple of days before me.  The zoo is expanding the elephant area by six fold over the next couple of years to continue their research and so that their 6 or 10 elephants can be as happy as possible.  Meanwhile, elsewhere, slaughter is happening.

In art news, I did not complete a project in August. Work, unexpected company and an unexpected wedding intervened. I do sketch almost everyday, and bills are getting paid, so onward.

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