Monday, August 31, 2009

Speedy with "Lost Edges"

I really enjoyed painting this - the Canal paper is very absorbent. It's a little difficult to control the paint, but it is fun to try.

When I paint people, and lose control, I end up with "zombies." I won't post those - although, maybe at Halloween... The boys in the previous post are rather close.

In case you don't know, lost edges (or soft edges) are where the borders between two areas blur a bit as compared to "hard" edges which are clearly delineated. It's a concept that may be obvious to others, but I admit was very difficult for me to understand at first.

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  1. Hi there Adrianne! I got one of your valentine's postcards for the swap today & I love it! Now I'm checking out your blog. So glad to share this creative exchange with you....AND what a beautiful cat painting. I'm enjoying it tremendously too :)
    All my best,