Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Adult Responsibilities

Here's Sadie resting from her responsibility of
guarding the house from the letter carrier.

My drawing teacher used the term "Adult Responsibilities" while talking about having time to practice art. Sometimes we need to focus on those responsibilities. I was having fun and feeling like I had moved to the next level, that I would be able to create art at least half time.

Then, my husband became ill - in a cycle lasting several weeks, the summer temperatures were very hot, my energy level dropped, and most importantly, I realized our bank account was empty!

Hmm, time to focus on my work again! I've been trying to be as diligent as possible, working hard and making enough to cover our bills and upcoming bills.

Now, my next task is trying to integrate art and nature back into my life. We're having a warm beginning of fall this year. I hope that as the weather turns cooler, I make the time to go for a hike. It's probably time to back off on watching TV if I want to spend some time in my "studio" in the basement. I am beginning to sketch and draw a bit.

Anyway, not to give up, not to declare that I can never create again, just trying to keep life in perspective, take care of my adult responsibilities and continue on!

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