Sunday, November 1, 2015

2015 Audubon Wild Arts Festival, 6x6 Wild Art Project

I dropped off two pieces of art for the Audubon Wild Arts Festival which will take place November 21 and 22 at Montgomery Park in Portland.

These were started last year, but I mixed up the due date. Of course, I left them unfinished until last week.

We have a couple of Scrub Jays that like to hang out on our patio. I have a large water bowl for the birds and the dog.

Scrub Jay - water color, collage and topped with encaustic medium.

Tilted - on a 6 x 6 x 1.5 inch art board
Aristophanes is the resident raven at the Portland Audubon Society. I took this photo of him a few years ago.
Aristophanes - photo collage with encaustic and sparkle

The two pieces together
The 6x6 Wild Art show is a benefit for the Audubon Society of Portland - the art works sell for $45 each. They're supposed to have a bird on them.

There's a lot of art and books for sale with a natural theme. It's very popular - as well as art and literature, you can see some of the resident birds from the Wildlife Care Center.

Here's more on the show:

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