Thursday, November 5, 2015

2015 Autumn Post Card Swap

First, apologies for the blurry photos.  Apparently my camera was on some strange setting, and I didn't notice until now.  But, since I've already sent these out, they're the best I've got.

These post cards are for iHanna's Postcard swap:

I used acrylic paint mixed with water in a spray bottle with a stencil. I painted the rest with water color.  Then I threw on a few stamps.  I've been wanting to get better at painting trees, so it was good practice.

Plus, one gourd:
I'll post the cards I received next time - I've gotten 7 so far!


  1. I think your trees are just lovely, thanks for sharing your creativity with us and joining the swap. Happy fall wishes!

  2. I really liked your trees and enjoyed seeing the process, especially enjoyed the line work.

  3. Wonderful emotional cards! The blur makes feel